Marc Edwards Slipstream Time Travel

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Time & Space Vol 1
Ion Storm
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Sakura Sakura (3 variations)
Sonos Gravis: Holographic Projection Holograms
Planet X Just Blew Up!

  1. Birth Of The Universe
  2. Floating In Space
  3. Star Flakes!
  • Marc Edwards - Drums
  • Ernest Anderson III - guitar
  • Takuma Kanaiwa - guitar
  • Alex Lozupone - guitar/bass combo

Coming at the end of April!

Recorded and mixed by Alex Lozupone

Liner Notes

I first met Marc Edwards when I saw him play at the original Silent Barn, with Weasel Walter and Marcus Cummins. Not only was I impressed with the music that was happening, I sensed a kindred spirit of sorts, if for no other reason than his compulsive HD video-camera archiving. Fast-forward through many e-mails, shows, and conversations, and I'm playing with Marc in his outfit, Slipstream Time Travel. It was my fifth gig with the group, and fortuitously, the venue had a really impressive back line. At the last minute, we'd had some bad news: our excellent double bass player, Gene Janas, called saying he had stepped on a piece of glass and wouldn't be able to make it. Marc thought Gene's injury was very untimely, like something out of a Twilight Zone episode. Well, we had to do the show regardless.
I had been experimenting with splitting the guitar signal across two amps, using a whammy pedal and a looper to vary and supplement the sounds a bit, in order to have a novel framework for improvisational composition - synchronized guitar and "bass" playing the same improvisations together, or the ability to control a simple bass accompaniment. I had used this setup in another project, Pain Hertz, as well as an impromptu jam with David Tamura, Thomas Occhiogrosso, and Ken Huang at A Night of Clutter, an open improvisations music event. The Local 269 had a bass amp so it was worth a shot.
None of us were quite sure how it had gone at the end of the set - but at least we'd made through it all in one piece, and there were some good feelings remembered while playing. Listening to the recordings on the camcorders and portable audio recorder later, I found that there really was something good that happened that night. None of the cameras picked up everything, but yes, they could be mixed together to present the whole picture. This concert was in a very different space from Slipstream Time Travel, so, retroactively, Marc has decided to call this group Sonos Gravis. That's "heavy sounds" in Latin, and yes, we did take artistic license and swap the word ordering. Now, that's enough talk - on to the music… --Alex Lozupone