DogAndPanda: Eddie Jobson - The Green Album

Eddie Jobson - The Green Album

Eddie Jobson gets some very mixed feelings from fans of progressive rock. Some would say he joined every band that he's been in after they were good - or at least, after their peak. Does this mean he made them awful, or does he just have bad timing? He replaced Brian Eno in Roxy Music, joined Jethro Tull for their synth-heavy 1980 album A after most of the band was fired, etc... He's done some decent enough stuff too - although I am not a huge fan of Bill Bruford / John Wetton / Allan Holdsworth's project with him, U.K.

I am a big fan of The Green Album, which apparently he recorded under the band name of Zinc. It features session musicians, notable Gary Green of Gentle Giant on a few tracks.

Phrases to describe the album

  • Weird time signatures
  • Lots of keyboard work
  • Decent vocals from Jobson - think a less refined Jon Anderson of Yes
  • Pretty decent energy
  • A clean 80s sound that works very well for the material
  • The occasional mandolin

    Good starter tracks

  • Green Face
  • Turn it Over
  • Resident
  • Who My Friends

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