DogAndPanda: Jaurim


Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond

I really like this album - although it's hard to say if everyone else will. If I had to try and describe it, it's something to do with some very tasteful arranging along with some very good vocal work.
  • Carnival Amour
    0:00 Song starts
    0:08 notice how the horns are syncopated on this second repetition
    0:17 Note the last note of the vocal phrases is the major 3rd.
    0:19 The second note of this phrase here is the minor 3rd for that same key - it creates an interesting effect.
    0:29 Note the subtle (intentional) voice crack
    0:53 Another voice crack.
    1:00 A nice section blatantly 'borrowed' from Pachebel's Canon.
    1:47 Here, she uses an extra 'cutesy voice'.
    1:50 Here, it's the "manly voice".
    2:18 The voice crack, again.
    3:16 Another voice crack!
    3:25 I really like the strength and phrasing of the final note of this phrase (the 5th to the tonic of the key) throughout the song.
  • 20th Century Boys and Girls

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