Eighty-pound Pug






Eighty-pound Pug is the brain-child of Alex Lozupone, and can loosely be described as a combination of doom metal, early 70s funk, and free jazz. Lozupone plays guitar and bass tracks simultaneously through two amps, and guides the music, which is usually written and always arranged on the fly - but never wanders into incoherency, nor does it get trapped into one theme. Accompanying Lozupone is a selection of musicians - almost always different each night, some of whom have never met before- the selection of musicians has a big influence on where the music goes. Paul Feitzinger is the most frequent drummer. Frequent horm players include David Tamura, Ayumi Ishitio, and Chris Bacas (Buddy Rich Band), while on vocals Borts Minorts, Bruce Mack (Burnt Sugar), and Aubrey Smith (Heldin) are the most frequent frontpeople. Other guests of note have included Kevin Shea and Elliott Levin.